My Birthday Lunch

I brought my new Hello Kitty plush… (Read more)…

Hello Kitty at My Birthday Lunch at Sawtelle Kitchen

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Happy Belated Birthday Pochacco!

Happy belated birthday to Pochacco… (Read More)…


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aahs! in Brentwood = Hello Kitty Heaven

And I immediately spotted the Hello Kitty signage… (Read more)…


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O Mama in Los Angeles’ “Eva Hello Kitty Airplane”

What is better than a friend who is willing to take pictures and go shopping for Hello Kitty stuff… (Read more)…

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My New My Melody Toys

It’s becoming a habit for me to spot Hello Kitty related items when I am out with Joy… (Read more)…

My Melody Bobble Head Toy

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Hello Kitty Eases Work Politics

I’ve been having a very stressful time at my job lately (Read More)…

Hello Kitty Wheat Crackers

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Japan Loves Paris…

Enough to create an official Hello Kitty plush in the likeness of the heiress herself. Here is an article from a Japanese magazine…

Paris Hilton Hello Kitty Plush

I am not the biggest fan of Paris Hilton, but she can’t be bad if there is a Hello Kitty doll that looks like her… right? She was interviewed at NGTV (the place where I work) a few weekends ago. I was not able to make it, but Joii took some flicks for me.

Paris Hilton Interview at NGTV

Paris Hilton Interview at NGTV

Yeah… not the best pictures. So here is a clip from that interview, which was to promote her new movie:

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