Hello Kitty Will Become a WOW!?

It’s been crazy busy at work lately, so I wasn’t able to keep up with the updates. My boss Amul showed me this a couple of days ago: ‘Hello Kitty’ MMO goes into beta and yes, I did go straight to Hello Kitty Online and subscribe for the closed beta (as any true Hello Kitty Junkie would).

Just from the little sneak peak on the site, I can tell that many of my hours will be spent on building up my character in that cute little world. Here are some screenshots of the super cute Hello Kitty Online…



Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

It’s so delightfully cute, I think I might cry… jk… not really… The people at Sanrio Digital did a pretty amazing job with the user interface. Everything looks so clean and functional.

Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

Isn’t that the most precious elephant slide you’ve ever seen?

Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

This world just reminds me of the Care Bears and Rainbow Brite… I loved the cartoons and movies as a child and often wished I could live in their bright colorful world — now it looks like I will be able to virtually live in a happy cheerful Hello Kitty world. Ahhh… nostalgia — it’s that thing that happens when you get older…

Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

Looks like there will be many fun little games in the world — kind of like Club Penguin (which is a social network where you can “waddle around and meet new friends!”)

Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

Cute cute cute world!

Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

Hello Kitty Online Screenshot

There are more screenshots in the Download Area of Hello Kitty Online.


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I am a Graphic Designer and a Hello Kitty Junkie. A few things about me: my favorite color is pink, I love Hello Kitty and my favorite sing
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5 Responses to Hello Kitty Will Become a WOW!?

  1. This is amazaing. I am tottaly getting one.

  2. vivuska says:

    ok vagyok
    szép vgayok stb…

  3. natalie says:

    whatis this game it looks awesome how do i get it? is it an online game or what is it for??

  4. sharpay29 says:

    i love hello kitty online!!!!

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