My Hello Kittified Bathroom

My siblings, Anna and Ed, always look out for me. They gave some pretty towels. I don’t really use them — they’re more for decoration purposes.

Hello Kitty Towels

Hello Kitty Towels

Hello Kitty Towels

The pink plastic trash bin next to my toilet is from them as well. The Hello Kitty plush was a present from my Mom’s husband’s daughter (which technically means that she is my step-sister, I think). She usually sends lotions from Bath & Body and some other little trinkets for Christmas. I’m glad she remembered I liked Hello Kitty last Christmas — it was a pleasant surprise.

Hello Kitty In My Bathroom

My co-worker and friend Ed W. always gets me Hello Kitty stuff too! He got me a cute bath set for my Birthday last year. The set included a soap/lotion dispenser, a toothbrush cup? and a soap dish (not pictured).

Hello Kitty Lotion Dispenser And Cup

My friends must think I have bad breath or something… They keep buying me toothbrushes. Thank you, I got the hint.

Hello Kitty Toothbrushes

Mary got me a bubble bath set. I know Hello Kitty stuff is generally for little girls, but I really couldn’t understand why she got me a bubble bath set.

Hello Kitty Bubble Bath

From time to time, I see cute Hello Kitty things that are inexpensive and I buy them, even if I have no use for them. Pictured below is an example. They are small little plastic containers.

Hello Kitty Plastic Containers

My ex co-worker Zach gave me a special limited edition Hello Kitty night light from some Taiwan transportation system promotion thingy.

Hello Kitty Night Light

Hello Kitty Night Light

Hello Kitty Night Light


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I am a Graphic Designer and a Hello Kitty Junkie. A few things about me: my favorite color is pink, I love Hello Kitty and my favorite sing
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3 Responses to My Hello Kittified Bathroom

  1. MonkeyFriend says:

    It’s Hong Kong transportation system, not from Taiwan. Cuz I just had a trip to Hong Kong. And I’m Taiwanese. I’ll keep an eye on Taiwan MTR.

  2. Marina Jackson says:

    I love hello kitty =]

  3. andrea says:

    I love it!!!
    hello kitty rules! ^^

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